Character Posing

Illustration Series 01


2018 was an incredible year. Over the holiday break, I worked with Procreate on my iPad Pro to create a series of character illustrations. My goal was to work on posing and to really hone in on my personal illustration style. Strong foundational shapes, with gritty crude lines and color palettes. 

Growing up, skateboarding was one of my biggest influences. With skateboarding comes an entire culture, fashion, attitude, even a unique language of sorts. You'll notice most of my work today reflects that culture in some way.




Run, Forest



This was where the series began. I wanted to start simple with a running pose to try to laser focus on the little things. How are the shoulders rotating in relation to the hips? All these boring but important points. I really wanted to take my time and get it right.



Shred Gator



This started as 'hmm, been a while since I've drawn someone doing a kickflip'. I was happy with how that turned out, and then somehow landed on 'what if he was popping over something cool' - fast forward to an alligator. Could be red dead redemption influenced, I may or may not be playing hours and hours of it.



Personal Studies



One of my goals for 2019 is to read all of the books that I own. Late 2018 I got into a habit of reading at night and putting the phone away, hoping to keep it up in 2019.



Mommy & Me



My beautiful wife and son. This one means alot to me.



Waiting for the Train



I think everyone has been here, waiting around with nothing else to do but look at your phone. Also known as, Phones have taken over the world. Tried something new - mixing flat geometric shapes with complex characters. Will probably try to implement this more later on.

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