'You're in Control'

The fourth of five spots for google privacy

Google challenged Oddfellows to build creative that would live alongside an updated version of their Privacy Policy. What began as a storytelling exercise quickly turned into a 6-month design journey in which we built a new illustration style from the ground up.
Our main objective was to form a style that spoke to Google’s users about privacy in a way that was credible and informative, while remaining harmonious with the brand. To create cohesion with Google's privacy tools and services, we designed a style that would bring to life products in a way that was relatable, tangible, and humanizing.
In addition, we directed and animated a series of videos that lets users know how their information is used across Google’s services and how they can manage their information.

Above is a break down of my animated portion,  alongside Tyler and Anne.

Client Google

Studio Oddfellows

Direction Chris Kelly

Animation Reece Parker, Tyler Morgan, Anne

Illustration Sarah Beth Morgan, Loris Allesandria

Sound Sono Sanctus, Ambrose Yu

© 2017 Reece Parker