For Lagunitas Brewery

Lagunitas Brewery approached me with an Idea of animating a drunk call they received. Thus, mumble-phone was born. A first in a series of animations being produced, and a good ride. Happy to have been apart of it, and grateful for the creative freedom.

I got to direct, illustrate, and animate this piece as well as bring in my buddy Ambrose Yu for some insane sound design and music. Above are some style frames and storyboards, a quick glance at what went into creating this piece.

I was also fortunate enough to create the intro animation that is being used in all the spots.


Client . Lagunitas Brewery

Direction . Reece Parker

Design . Reece Parker

Animation . Reece Parker

Sound . Design Ambrose Yu

Original . Composition Ambrose Yu

© 2017 Reece Parker