'Introducing Blipor'

For Blipor

Blipor approached me to conceptualize and develop a video to explain their services to their customers. Blipor is a cloud sharing service for DVDs you already own, eliminating the annoyance of having to buy a digital copy as the world evolves in that direction. Unfortunately, Blipor never found its way off of the ground. I am super proud of the result however, and will keep this piece in my heart.

Above are some process bits and style frames during my development of this project. 


Spot eleven-01
Spot 12-01
Spot three-01
Blipor Still-01
Blipor Scenerio #1 Storyboard_Storyboard
Spot fifteen-01

Client . Blipor

Direction . Reece Parker

Animation . Reece Parker

Design . Reece Parker

Music . DJ Quads 'soul'

© 2017 Reece Parker